Purolator - Your Single Source For Automotive Filtration Solutions

Back in 1923 Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh patented the first automotive oil filtration system. They called their invention “Purolator”, short for the words “pure oil later”. Ever since then Purolator has been manufacturing, marketing and distributing filters for the automotive industry. So there’s no doubt about we know our filters. In order to stay ahead of the competition for so many decades, Purolator make sure that each and every filter leaving the production floor has been manufactured according to our high quality standards. Purolator also has a dedicated Advanced Technology team that focuses on creating innovative solutions for the future of filtration technology.

MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters, LLC
In April 2012, the global filtration company, MANN+HUMMEL, acquired Purolator Filters and strengthened its position as the leading company in the automotive filtration industry. Today Purolator has more than 2,000 filtration part numbers for automotive, light truck and heavy duty applications, and continues to work on product innovation and design. This culture of product innovation, design, and customer service still exists today insuring our customers continue to receive quality filtration products manufactured by the company that invented the business – Purolator.

Purolator History

The First Oil Filter
The original Purolator was an upright series of seven twill weave cloth covered perforated plates encased in a heavy-duty cast container. The product featured a sight feed glass on one side so that the oil flow could be viewed and the filter changed when the flow diminished to a trickle.

Oil Filter Evolution

In 1937, the Purolator cotton waste oil filter was developed, providing the first filter replacement capability. Nine years later, Purolator introduced a “pleated paper” oil filter and this technology is still being used today.

During World War II, Purolator filters were installed on aircraft, tanks, ships and trucks, keeping the military machines moving through harrowing field conditions.

At that time, Purolator oil filters only filtered about 10% of the oil flowing through the engine. However, during 1943 Purolator developed the first “full flow” filter that was capable of filtering 100% of the engine’s motor oil. This led to the full flow lubrication system that is in use on today’s vehicles.

In 1948, Purolator developed the first original equipment (OE) “Block mounted” oil filter. This was an important milestone in the filter industry because now the oil filter had become a standard part of the automobile engine. Earlier oil filters were typically mounted on the firewall somewhere underneath the hood of the vehicle.

It was also Purolator who developed the first “spin-on” oil filter in 1955. Earlier cartridge filters were used, requiring the filter be placed into a housing or canister.

In the 1960’s and 70’s Purolator developed filtration products for:

  • Transmission fluids
  • Power steering fluids
  • Hydraulics
  • Coolants
  • Crankcase emissions and other liquids and gasses

Then in 1996 Purolator introduced the PureONE oil filter. In early 2008, the Purolator PureONE oil filter evolved into the product you see on shelves today. Featuring 99.9% efficiency and a textured grip control this product allows for optimum installation and easy removal while protecting your engine. The Purolator PureONE filtration line also carries both oil and air filters offering the best combination of quality and value.