Purolator Cabin Air Filter Replacement

PurolatorONE™ Cabin Air Filters

PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filters improve overall driving comfort, encourage better airflow through a vehicle and aid in defroster performance. Plus, replacing an old, clogged cabin air filter protects passengers by removing allergens, pollen, toxic fumes*, odors*, dirt, soot, dust mites and other harmful airborne contaminants. Change your cabin air filter to improve the air quality in your vehicle and breathe in fresh air every time you drive.

Breathe easier with a PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter

  • Electrostatically charged media**
  • Encourages better airflow and aids defroster performance
  • Multiple fiber layers remove even the smallest particles for clean, filtered air
  • Particulate layer restricts entry of large airborne particles into the A/C system
  • Helps protect the air conditioning system when replaced with each A/C service Protects against airborne pollutants up to 12 months or 12,000 miles***
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer’s requirements
  • Available for most vehicles on the road - domestic and import


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How to Change Your Cabin Air Filter Video


Explore our online DIY Catalog to find the right Purolator Cabin Air Filter for your application. To learn more about the complete line of Purolator filtration products, explore our product brochures or view the new Purolator brand videos.

*Carbon applications only, as specified by OEM.

**May vary by application.

**Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance schedules for your vehicle. Limited warranty. See product catalog or explore complete warranty information.