PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness Add Coverage to Trucks and SUVs with Line Expansion

Point-of-Sale Display Introduced at AAPEX 2019


Las Vegas – November 5, 2019 – Purolator has introduced new coverage for popular truck and SUV applications with PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness.

Available in early 2020, these new part numbers expand Purolator’s coverage by more than 6.5 million vehicles for both domestic and import nameplates that include popular models such as the Ford F150, Honda Civic, Honda Odyssey and Tesla Model 3.

In addition, Purolator is now offering a new point-of-sale (POS) display to drive consumer awareness and demand for PurolatorBOSS Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness at automotive repair shops throughout the United States.

"With expanded coverage to meet increasing market demands, even more drivers on the road today can benefit from the innovative, advanced filtration offered by PurolatorBOSS Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness. We have an invaluable opportunity to educate customers on the importance of a premium cabin air filter before they make a purchase decision," said Tina Davis, senior marketing manager at MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC. "This new POS display serves as a conversation starter, allowing auto service professionals to engage with customers about their product choice."


New POS Display Designed to Educate Service Shop Customers


The POS display features a standalone, full-color design with impactful graphics and informative messaging about the key benefits of using PurolatorBOSS Premium Cabin Air Filters, which block and control odors, while preventing bacteria and mold growth on the filter.

Measuring 26” x 72” x 24”, the free-standing floor display is designed to be exhibited in automotive service shop lobbies or in retail stores. Assembly is quick and easy, and the compact display holds 20 part numbers within its small footprint.

For more information, visit booth 1432 at AAPEX, contact your Purolator sales representative at 1-800-526-4250 or visit pureoil.com.

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