PurolatorBOSS™ Now Available at Retailers across the United States

Currently available in 22 SKU’s representing over 200 million vehicles on the road today, by year end, BOSS will expand to 37 SKU’s for additional coverage.

RALEIGH, June 30, 2016 – PurolatorBOSS™, Purolator’s new entry in the high-premium oil filter category, is now available to consumers at retail automotive stores throughout the United States. Currently available in 22 SKU’s representing over 200 million vehicles on the road today, by year end, BOSS will expand to 37 SKU’s.

PurolatorBOSS oil filters support maximum engine protection for synthetics, high mileage and conventional blend motor oils. It is an ideal match for full synthetic oils, providing up to 15,000 miles of engine protection.

“With placement in stores across the nation, Purolator is providing customers an all-new innovation in high premium oil filtration,” said Kevin O’Dowd, global director of product and brand marketing for the automotive aftermarket for MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC. “Partnering with automotive retailers throughout the United States allows us to offer do-it-yourselfers and service professionals alike high-quality, advanced protection filters.”

Engine and engine oil technology has evolved over the years. As the industry continues to trend toward synthetic oils and extended mileage oil change intervals, filter technology must offer enhanced performance to provide optimal protection. PurolatorBOSS provides a filtration solution for these industry trends, as well as harsh driving conditions such as towing and hauling, heavy traffic, stop-and-go driving, frequent short trips, extreme climates and mountainous terrain.

PurolatorBOSS employs exclusive SmartFUSION™ Technology, which features 100-percent synthetic media supported by fully integrated, reinforced polymer mesh—allowing the filter to trap more dirt and contaminants to provide maximum protection. The media’s precision pleating delivers unprecedented performance by capturing microscopic contaminants while maximizing oil flow.

This premium oil filter features the PuroSEAL gasket that is made from ethylene-acrylic material that outperforms other gasket elements commonly found in the market today. PurolatorBOSS filters are engineered with a BOSS Steel Casing™ to increase durability and withstand extreme pressure, while the double helix metal center tube facilitates optimal oil flow and silicone anti-drainback valve protects against dry starts.

Purolator continues to change the game and combines this exceptional filter innovation with an exceptional packaging innovation. The patent-pending, six-sided “hex” box packaging not only provides increased visual surface area in order to display key product information, but also grabs attention at retail to help drive sales at the register. Additionally, the design provides precise, fitted protection, ergonomic handling and displays properly on both angled and flat store shelves.

To find out more about PurolatorBOSS and locate a product retailer near you, visit www.pureoil.com.

About Purolator

Purolator is an innovator of automotive filtration products for the aftermarket, manufactured to the highest standard by American workers in Fayetteville, N.C. Trusted by professional automotive technicians and do-it-yourself consumers across North America, the Purolator product line includes oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters. An industry pioneer since inventing the first oil filter in 1923, Purolator is backed by an internal team of forward-thinking engineers and countless filtration patents. The company’s mission to deliver solutions to support the improved performance of advanced engine and oil technologies reinforces a renewed brand promise – “Nothing Gets By Us.”

Purolator is a key brand and part of the extensive product portfolio of the MANN+HUMMEL Group, a leading expert for filtration solutions, development partner and original-equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Based in Ludwigsburg, Germany with more than 70 locations worldwide, MANN+HUMMEL strengthens the Purolator brand through expert engineering, rigorous quality-control processes, global manufacturing best practices and innovation resources. For more information, visit www.pureoil.com and www.mann-hummel.com.