New Video Series Educates Do-It-Yourself Automotive Enthusiasts on Advantages of Purolator Air, Oil, Cabin Air Filters


Raleigh, N.C. – July 10, 2018 – Purolator has released a series of educational videos to inform do-it-yourself (DIY) automotive enthusiasts on the superior features and benefits offered by PurolatorONE™ air and cabin air filters, along with PurolatorBOSS® premium oil filters. These videos also offer advice on the importance of changing filters on a regular basis.

These new educational videos are available to watch on Purolator’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

“As the manufacturer, we aim to help our automotive retail shop customers educate drivers about the importance of regular filter replacement in order to increase vehicle performance and extend engine life,” said Tina Davis, senior marketing manager of brand and communications at MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC. “These videos emphasize that message, and serve as a resource to help DIYers make confident filter purchase decisions.”

Purolator’s full suite of DIY resources includes a comprehensive product catalog, a Competitive Interchange and Buyer’s Guide, product brochures, Purolator brand videos, and a series of installation videos that offer a step-by-step guide on how to change your own filter.

Purolator Products Offer Superior Performance and Protection

PurolatorONE air filters help to protect engines from premature wear, improve acceleration, and boost overall engine efficiency. They are made from multi-fiber, high density media to protect against dust, dirt, soot, and other damaging debris.

Designed to encourage better airflow and make your drive more pleasant, PurolatorONE cabin air filters trap harmful airborne contaminants. They also contribute to improved HVAC and defroster performance.

With a double-helix metal center tube for optimal oil flow, PurolatorBOSS premium oil filters also feature heavy duty BOSS Steel Casing™ for greater durability to withstand extreme pressure. A PuroSEAL™ gasket helps to prevent oil leaks for extended use, and SmartFUSION technology delivers maximum protection up to 15,000 miles.