Purolator Heavy Duty Air Filters

Today's over-the-road trucks, agricultural equipment and heavy machinery use a variety of air filter designs to remove harmful contaminants from the incoming air supply – all of which can be harmful to the engine. Using the wrong or inferior constructed air filter could significantly impact the performance of a diesel engine, while a plugged air filter will reduce engine performance causing higher fuel consumption, increased exhaust fumes and be detrimental to the environment.

Current diesel engine designs utilizing EGR and/or SCR technology to meet stringent emissions controls also have a greater demand for cleaner intake air than ever before. The Purolator Heavy Duty Air Filter line includes the latest in direct replacement OE spec air filters with proven longevity, efficiency and performance – and are tested to ISO 5011 procedures and other industry standards.

Purolator Heavy Duty Air Filters include: Axial Seal filters, Radial Seal Filters,Conical Filters and Compact Filters. 

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