Purolator Heavy Duty Hydraulic Filters


Improving hydraulic fluid cleanliness levels, providing better cold weather performance and meeting service interval expectations are the major benefits of Purolator Heavy Duty Hydraulic filters. Maintaining system cleanliness through proper filtration is essential to insure maximum efficiency and reliability.

As hydraulic systems are becoming more sophisticated, the Purolator Heavy Duty Hydraulic Filter has become a critical component. With the need for closer tolerances, faster cycle times, higher pressures and extended service intervals, more demand is being placed on the hydraulic filter.

Purolator takes into account that hydraulic systems are using more filters than ever and often require strategic location of several filters instead of one. Suction side filters such as strainers or pre-filters clean the fluid before it reaches the pump. Return line filters located downstream of critical components clean the fluid of any contamination before it is returned to the reservoir.

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