Nothing Gets By Us

When it comes to protecting vehicles and drivers from dirt and debris, nothing gets by Purolator filters. Because nothing gets by our people. 

Since inventing the oil filter in 1923, we’ve been relentlessly perfecting oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters. With countless filtration patents, Purolator is trusted by technicians and DIYers alike to provide advanced filtration and protection. It’s our mission to stay a step ahead of contaminants — safeguarding your engine, your fuel tank and even the air you breathe.

Purolator Protects, Everyone

No matter who you are or where you take your vehicle, Purolator protects. We are the DIYer. We are the professional technician. Whether it’s a dusty back road, extreme temperatures, or the stop-and-go of a city commute, our advanced filters defend against particulates, soot and harmful contaminants that can exact a heavy toll on your car, and even your health.

As a key division of MANN+HUMMEL Filters, Purolator products are engineered and manufactured with the rigor of original equipment quality control processes, global manufacturing best practices, and leading-edge technology and innovation. 

Watch our installation videos for a step by step guide on how to change your own oil, air and cabin air filter.